PATCH /api/updates/{id}

body = {"status": "3"}

To change the status from Approved to Processed of an Update identified by {id} add a body to the request that will have one key pair: "status": "3" . This API call is idempotent. The id of the Update needs to be part of the API URL. The user performing this request has to be authorized to Change Vendor Update Status.


GET /api/updates/20100/

body = {"status": "3"}

Request Parameters

This API does not take any parameters.

Success Codes

HTTP Status CodeExceptionDescription
200SuccessReturns a JSON object that contains select set of fields for a vendor identified by its {id}.

Sample Response

Returns a JSON object that contains all fields for a particular update. Example:

  "id": 22584,
  "ts": "2022-04-12T10:44:25.474805-04:00",
  "status_ts": "2023-02-24T13:19:54.387511-05:00",
  "vendor_nums": [
      "site_codes": [
      "vendor_num": "12345"
  "vendor_name": "Home depot of Wolcott",
  "group_name": "Company",
  "from_value_display": "Telephone: +12023334444",
  "to_value_display": "Telephone: +12023334445",
  "status": "Processed",
  "field_changes": [
      "field_name": "Telephone",
      "from_value": "+12023334444",
      "to_value": "+12023334445"
  "user_can_approve": false,
  "pending_approvers": [],
  "user_can_skip": false,
  "user_can_bypass": false,
  "addr_validated": null,
  "bank_validation_status_display": "",
  "bank_verification_reason_context": null,
  "bank_verification_note": null,
  "metadata": {}

Error Codes

HTTP Status CodeExceptionDescription
400Bad RequestThe request could not be understood by the server due to incorrect syntax.
401UnauthenticatedThe request requires user authentication information. Your API token is missing or invalid.
403ForbiddenUnauthorized request. Cannot change status of an update that does not belong to your account, or user does not have permissions to change the status of an update.
404Not FoundCannot change status of a non-existent update.


Service UnavailableThe request has failed due to a temporary failure of the server. You can try this request at a later time.

Calling the API