Before PaymentWorks

Changes to existing vendor information generally does not follow the same vetting as a new vendor and often triggers the additional mess of duplicate vendor records

  • Existing vendor changes handled manually, often with little to no process
  • Difficult to organize and manage different entities with the same tax ID
  • Ambiguity in how to handle address changes
  • Lack of auditable process makes it difficult to obtain insurance for social engineering fraud losses

With PaymentWorks

Complex accounts trigger automated checks and approval workflows and are easily routed to the appropriate vendor record- no more duplicates!

  • All vendor submitted changes auto-trigger 3rd party data checks and internal approval workflows
  • Existing tax ID in the ERP creates choices of how to ingest the information- eliminating the chance of duplicate records
  • Choose which existing vendor record should have new information added
  • Automated, trackable onboarding = more favorable insurance coverage