Reference Guide for Integrators

This guide includes a set of documents, templates and other references designed to equip customers and third party integrators with the information needed to integrate PaymentWorks data with the information stored in the customers’ ERP.


Understanding how to configure the payer count from within the application itself. Registration form configuration is detailed under the Design section.

  1. Roles and Permissions
  2. Approvals
  3. Managing Users
  4. Invitation Settings
  5. Setup and Manage Portal Settings


Information on the PaymentWorks data model including how to create and handle registration forms.

  1. The PaymentWorks Relationship Model
  2. Data Handling
  3. Vendor Updates
  4. Registration Forms
  5. Registration Routing
  6. Record Processing


Detailed technical guidance through four primary phases in the development of automated integration between PaymentWorks and a Payer’s ERP: Environment Setup, Implementation, and Testing.

  1. Setup and Configuration
  2. Development
  3. Testing
  4. Supplier and Invoice Files
  5. SSO Configuration
  6. SFTP Setup