PaymentWorks was inspired by the simple vision that we could create a supplier information management (SIM) solution to meet the growing information and collaboration requirements of companies and their suppliers, with a solution that was easy to use, and did not require a large investment of time or money to deploy. To achieve this, we imagined that companies and their suppliers would be able to connect and communicate with each other as easily as people connect on LinkedIn or Facebook.

PaymentWorks represents the culmination of my 25 years in the B2B payments industry at companies such as American Express and OB10 (now Tungsten Corp) and the opportunity to work with a great team including Alan Greenblatt, our co-founder and CTO, who has led development teams at companies such as Microsoft, Metatomix, and Adobe, Shawn McCarthy, our VP of Sales, who has held top leadership posts at CBord and WEX, Allen Carney, our Marketing leader, who has been VP of Marketing at companies such as Kofax, 170 Systems, and Lotus Development and, Paul Pedevillano, our CFO, who has taken several companies public.

We believe PaymentWorks achieves the revolutionary vision upon which it was conceived — but you be the judge. Create an account today and give it a try – on us.

Thayer Stewart, CEO